Colorblind app
Aim the camera at the surface whose color you intend to identify.
Colorblindness app
One tap on the chromatic ring
to "Freeze" image.
Tap in the area of the image whose color you want to identify.
Double tap in the chromatic viewfinder to go back
to normal view.
Color Blind iphone app
The ColorADD® code is based upon simple graphic symbols that, representing the three primary colors, support this identification system thru the concept of the "Color Addition Theory".
Color Blindness iphone app
Save or share the image.
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You just need to point your camera at an object that you want identified the color, than the app gives you the name and color symbol on the screen. With a double touch on the screen, you can freeze the image and slide a chromatic ring to a specific area, allowing a more precise result if needed. The results can be automatically shared on social networks. It's also possible to analyze the images saved on the mobile device.

It's a tool that supports the integration of colorblind people, facilitating the identification and choice of colors in everyday life.

By buying this App you are contributing for ColorADD® Social Responsibility Program of early diagnosis of colorblindness in schools. The ColorADD App is now available for iPhone and iPad and arrives soon for the rest of devices.

To know more about ColorADD system we invite you to visit, where you can realize the social impact that the ColorADD code is causing worldwide.

Awards & Recognitions

Winner - WSA Mobile 2014 (United Nations Award).
Best m-Inclusion & Empowerment product.

Winner - Vodafone Foundation Mobile for Good Europe Awards 2013.
Accessibility Category.

Special Mention - APMP Portuguese Multimedia Award 2013.
Mobile App Category.